Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay for the session?

 Sessions must be paid for at the end of each session. I accept cash and also payment by Revolut.

How long is a session?

Sessions last 50 minutes.

Are sessions confidential?

Yes. Everything that is said in a session stays in the room. However, there may be some exceptional limits to this confidentiality. I adhere to the IACP Code of Ethics, which involves:


  • Potentially sharing information with other agencies if the client is a danger to self or others, or
  • If the client discloses information concerning abuse involving a minor (under 18 years) or any other child protection issue emerges.

What should I expect from the first consultation?

To help you gauge if I am the right therapist for you and to ask any questions you may have about the treatment.

How many sessions should I have?

This really depends on how you feel and what may arise during the sessions. Short-term therapy can help you with present difficulties or challenges for example relationship issues or stress management. Long term-therapy can be more beneficial for other issues related to addiction, abuse or trauma (among others) as they tend to require a deeper level of understanding and therapeutic work.

How frequent are the sessions?

Sessions are normally held on a weekly basis. This frequency is especially important in the first month of therapy.

Want to Make a Booking or Have a Question?

If you have any questions or wish to make a booking, please contact me.

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